Twitter unveils new six-second video sharing tool

Twitter took another major step towards becoming a truly multi-purpose communications tool today by announcing the integration of a new video service called Vine. The app allows you to easily embed short, looping videos inside your tweets.

Sticking to the same kind of less-is-more approach of Twitter's 140-character limit, Vine videos must be six seconds or less. The videos include sound, which can be muted, and although the videos don't include a timeline scrubber, you can pause and play them by simply tapping the video itself. The app also has a cool "explore" feature that allows you to browse short user-submitted videos in a number of categories, or by searching specific hashtags.

Although the abbreviated nature of the videos makes this a non-starter in terms of long form videos for news organizations and personal video blogs, for immediate, on the scene reports, this could quickly replace YouTube as a channel for sharing brief, important moments as they happen.  

Vine is available as a free download on iTunes here

Via Twitter

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