Smartphone-activated snow descends on London

Although London recently got walloped by massive levels of snowfall, just over a month ago the city was mired in a dreary, snow-less holiday season. In an effort to bring a little weather-inspired cheer to the days leading up to Christmas, a group from local digital agency Poke decided to give pedestrians in the Hackney area of the city an artificial snow blast.

Passersby who followed the directions on street signs to use their smartphones to check in on Foursquare or call a special number were treated to an instant dusting of the white stuff from artificial snow cannons positioned on nearby roofs, accompanied by the song "Let it Snow" by Dean Martin, adding to the charm of the moment. The setup, which lasted throughout December, was designed through a partnership with Poke and local 4G wireless provider EE.

You can see the smartphone-activated mini-blizzard in action in the video below.

Via Guerrilla Innovation

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