Smart floor produces a virtual mirror world you can control

Some of the most important innovations start out as projects that, at first, don't look particularly useful or practical. That might be the thought to keep in mind as you familiarize yourself with GravitySpace, and interactive floor that mirrors the movements and physical dynamics of the people standing on it.

Developed at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, with support from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K., the pressure-sensitive floor acts as a kind of virtual mirror by displaying computer-generated versions of the people standing on it, and mimicking that person's actions in real-time.

The glass floor uses a high-resolution projector and infrared LEDs to detect footsteps and other objects to produce the effect, which at this stage is still a bit laggy in terms of tracking motion rapidly. The research group envisions the prototype system as a way to control household functions, and as a possible interface for future gaming applications.

You can check the GravitySpace interactive floor in action in the video below.  

Via NewScientist

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