This marvelous GIF art will blow your mind (in the best way)

We'll be the first to admit most GIFs suck. Funny, sure, but not exactly the most pleasing thing to look at. But when done right, GIFs are entertaining or, better, beauitful.

Take Croatian 22-year-old Paolo Čerić's GIFs on his Tumblr website Patakk — they're stunning. They're mind-bending, but not to the extreme where they'll give you a headache:

Here's what Colossal had to say about Čerić's work after speaking with him:

Čerić tells me that he began about two years ago knowing very little about digital art or animation, but was fascinated watching other coders create art with code. For a while he simply tried to mimic other animations he’d seen, but lately has truly developed his own personal style that varies from pulsating geometric patterns to glitch art and everything in between.

Below are three more of our favorites of Čerić's work. We instantly fell in love with the one of Darth Vader, of course. You'll find more puzzling (and colorful) GIFs over at his website below.

Paolo Čerić, via Colossal

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