Levitating table puts an end to dull dining experiences

Eating at home can be pretty boring. C’mon, admit it – half of the time you're dining in front of the TV or quickly grabbing a bite while standing in the kitchen. In other words, chowing down has lost some of its old charm. What's a person to do?

Designer Yana Christiaens may not realize it yet, but she's found a way to make dinner fun again – and it’s all about the table. Yana's creation has an eye on the future while bringing back some of what's nice about a traditional sit-down meal. Her table features clever magnetic technology that allows the table to hover in mid-air. She was inspired by Maglev trains that use magnetic levitation to move vehicles with magnets rather than pesky wheels.

You can easily adjust the height of Yana's levitating table by increasing or decreasing the strength of the magnetic field. Pretty fancy. I don't know about you, but I could definitely find room for one of these futuristic, floating tables.

Coroflot, via Yanko Design

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