Image of the Day: The first Mac computer went on sale 29 years ago today

Speaking of aged spinsters, Apple's very first Mac computer went on sale on January, 24, 1984. 

Here are some details on the Macintosh 128K from Wired's Tony Long

The Macintosh 128K (that was your RAM) screamed along at 8 MHz, featured two serial ports and could accommodate one 3.5-inch floppy disc. It ran the Mac OS 1.0, came with a 9-inch black-and-white monitor and sold for a cool $2,500 (the equivalent of $5,000 in today's dollars).

In the first three months, about 50,000 128K's were sold. Nowadays, Apple product sales can number in the millions each quarter. You've come a long way, Mac.

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Via Wired

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