For a few more bucks, Cubieboard is a more powerful Raspberry Pi

Thanks to the success of the $35 Raspberry Pi, swaths of companies are now hopping onboard the tiny DIY PC trend. The latest Linux PC that fits in your pocket is the Cubieboard.

The Cubieboard is a billed as a “small, high-performance ARM box” and bests the Raspberry Pi on every level. It has a single-core 1GHz ARM processor, Mali400 graphics processor, 4GB of internal flash storage, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 1080p HD video output via HDMI, ethernet port, 2 USB ports, a microSD card slot, a SATA port and IR sensor. You’ll have to bring your own power supply as with the Raspberry Pi, though.

A version of Buildroot comes pre-installed on the Cubieboard, but Android, Fedora, Ubuntu and any other Linux distribution can also be installed.

The best part is the Cubieboard comes in two configs with affordable pricing. For $49, you get a Cubieboard, SATA cable and USB power cable. For $72, you get all of that plus a USB break out, USB Wi-Fi dongle, serial to USB cable and a case (see gallery below for photos). Not bad, for a micro PC.

Don’t want to pay extra for the case? Cubieboard schematics are also available online so you can build or maybe 3D print your own.

Via CubieBoard

All images in the gallery from Cubieboard’s flickr and website.

(Thanks, Mike!)

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