Sculptor unveils open source 3D-printed humanoid robot

The world of 3D printing has enjoyed a good deal of innovation, but most amateur fabricators have mostly stuck with outputting tiny models and design prototypes. Now one model maker has upped the stakes by releasing an open source project that allows anyone to print their own robot components.

French sculptor Gael Langevin created the InMoov as a way to let anyone with a 3D printer to construct, piece by piece, their own humanoid robot. Of course, in addition to the 3D printed parts, the robot requires other mechanical components, an area Langevin has also posted details on to assist those who want to build their own InMoov. The robot operates using an Arduino CPU and has the ability to see and grasp objects in response to vocal commands.

If you're interested in taking a stab at making your own, you can download the models at Thingaverse, and visit Langevin's site for more detailed instructions on the mechanics. In the meantime, you can see video of the InMoove in action down below.

Via 3Ders

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