Remote-controlled mop and trash bin take laziness to new levels

Roombas are great if you can afford one. For people who can’t buy one and don’t want to put any work into cleaning, Kyosho’s R/C mop and trash can are perfect. 

Kyosho knows a thing or or two about remote-controlled toys. The company’s taking a break from the R/C car replicas and mini drones with a quirky remote-controlled mop and trash can.

That’s right, your wildest couch potato dreams have come true. You’ll never have to dust or sweep the floor again with the R/C mop. Too lazy to walk over to the trash can to throw those empty potato chip bags and beer cans away? Make the trash can come to you! The only thing missing is voice control. 

Each piece sells for about $21 and requires four AA batteries (two for the controller and two for the “car body”). 

Kyosho, via Technabob

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