License plate flipper hides your car's identity James Bond style

In Skyfall, James Bond uses the flipping license plates on his classic Aston Martin DB5 to stop the baddies from tracking the car by satellite, but is it legal to use something similar on your own car?

I've seen other devices that will flip your plate down flat at the touch of a button so it can't be read, but this is the first one that actually lets you alternate between two different plates. That clearly moves its questionable legality a few steps further as you go from hiding your identity, to outright faking it.

Of course the makers claim that the plate flipper is designed to keep your plate clean when off-roading, or to conceal it at a car show, but that's a bit like saying that the police style handcuffs you just bought are for "recreational use only." Who do they think they're kidding?

Most of those flip down plate concealers are used by people trying to evade electronic toll collection systems, but at $455 it would take a whole lot of toll crossings to pay for the plate flipper. Perhaps their customers have more nefarious intentions.

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