Geekiest lamp ever: Stained glass Master Chief helmet

How big of a Halo fan are you? You had better be the biggest fan in the world, because this hand-crafted Master Chief stained glass helmet lamp isn’t cheap. It’s worth more than a couple of Xbox 360 consoles.

There are tons of fantastic fan-made tributes to Master Chief like this Lego helmet, but Etsy user 3rdEdgeStainedGlass’ stained glass lamp takes the cake.

The helmet is 9-inches wide, 9-inches tall and 14-inches from front to back and 3rdEdgeStainedGlass says it took 40 hours to construct using the “Tiffany Glass Technique” (copper foil and solder).

Gorgeous as the lamp is, its selling price will make most potential buyers faint. 3rdEdgeStainedGlass is selling the lamp for a whopping $840. Any takers? It’s probably cheaper to admire the work of art in the gallery, instead.

Etsy, via Nerd Approved

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