This device puts a Google Street View car in the palm of your hand

Whether its taking a virtual trip around the world using Google Street View or twirling around with your iPhone 5, panoramic photos are the new way to explore our world in two dimensions with a three-dimensional feel. 

The Sphericam is a device that looks to make capturing panoramic views of your world in real-time just as easy as conducting a video chat over Skype. Created by Prague-based designer Jeffry Martin, the device contains four synchronized video cameras using fisheye lenses, allowing you to transmit full 360-degree, high-definition video from any location. The device can record up to three hours of video at 25 frames per-second, all viewable in real-time via its built-in monitor.

In addition to its live streaming capabilities, the Sphericam also contains a GPS device that allows you to create geographically-referenced 360-degree videos, so it's almost like having a Google Street View car in the palm of your hand. The base model can be yours for just $599 here, and you can check some recent footage shot with the device in the video below. 

Via Kickstarter

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