Gallery: Other Nintendo collections pale in comparison

To say that web developer Isao Yamazaki loves Nintendo would be an understatement. He's been collecting items from the Japanese gaming company since 1982. In an interview with Before Mario, Yamazaki said: "my first Nintendo items were pencil erasers." What began with pencil erasers has turned into a very impressive collection 31 years in the making.

Yamazaki has an eclectic assortment of old toys, cards, games, consoles and autographs, most notably a Famicon signed by creator Masayuki Uemura— all Nintendo-specific knickknacks. The most random thing in his collection might be a pink baby stroller Nintendo used to make. As you can imagine, he's become something of a Nintendo expert over the years and has even published books about the multinational company. He also oversaw a museum exhibit of classic Nintendo memorabilia back in 2007.

View the best of Yamazaki's collection in the gallery below; this will likely be the most impressive Nintendo collection that you'll ever see.

Via Kotaku

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