25,000 LEDs will power epic San Francisco Bay Bridge animations

The iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge has not only been a part of some of our favorite movies over the years, but also serves as an enduring symbol of human engineering excellence. Now, as the epic structure reaches its 75th year, a tech-powered public art installation will commemorate that anniversary.

The Bay Lights is a public art project designed by New York-based artist Leo Villareal that puts 25,000 programmable white LED lights on the bridge with the intention of delivering complex animations and rich patterns viewable from miles away. Originally conceived by Ben Davis, the head of a local creative agency, the lights will span 1.5 miles across and 500 feet high. The art installation is scheduled to launch on March 5 and continue to operate for roughly two years

You can see a couple of Villareal's visualizations of the LED animations in action in the videos below.


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