Sergey Brin spotted on NYC subway wearing Google Glass

Enter the phrase "train fight" into YouTube's search field and you'll see dozens of videos of violent confrontations on New York City's famed subways. Nevertheless, it's much safer than it was decades ago, and remains a reliable form of transport for even the richest in the city, including the likes of a certain visiting billionaire from Google.

On Sunday night, Google co-founder Sergey Brin just happened to be riding the New York City subway, and he just happened to be wearing a Google Glass device. Although most other passengers didn't give Brin a second look, as luck would have it, wearable computing enthusiast Noah Zerkin just happened to be sitting across from the tech mogul. After snapping a photo of Brin, Zerkin tweeted, "yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy."

We reached out to Zerkin and asked him if any interesting tidbits of tech info were exchanged, but Brin was typically mum, albeit polite. Interestingly, Brooklyn-based Zerkin has a few wearable computing projects of his own. You can check out his most recent creation, a wearable input device, that he demonstrates by playing Angry Birds in the video below.

Via Noah Zerkin

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