Deep Space Industries to join space gold rush for asteroids

Although the era of space prospecting is still in its nascent stages, led by just a couple of intrepid companies, the actual value of mining asteroids is slowly being fully realized by big business and it looks like we may be at the start of a space gold rush. The latest entrant is company called Deep Space Industries (DSI).

Expected to make an official announcement on Tuesday at the Santa Monica Museum of Flying, DSI is reportedly preparing to create an entire fleet of spacecraft designed to search for and mine asteroids. The presentation will include an animated video of the company's plans, as well as information regarding a new type of space-based manufacturing. As you can see from DSI's illustration above, the venture seems pretty ambitious.

In other space mining news, the head of another asteroid mining company, Planetary Resources recently posted a video showing off a prototype of its Arkyd-100 Space Telescope, which will help the company locate near-Earth asteroids for potrnyisl prospecting. You can see the Planetary's president and chief engineer, Chris Lewicki, showing off the new space-bound tech in the video below.

DSI, via SpaceRef

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