Gym floor creates boundary lines with LED lights

Though most gym floors fit the dimensions of various courts (e.g. basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.), there's been that long-standing struggle of painted lines. Hard to play badminton on a court made for basketball and vice-versa. That's where LED lights come in.

The German company ASB Systembau has created glass flooring (called ASB Glassfloor) that uses programmable LED lighting to create boundaries. So a court can change, almost instantaneously, from a badminton court to a basketball court.

In addition, it can be used to create video messaging and other wording underneath the gym floor.

The floor, which is currently in place in a German gym, is thoroughly tested to have the same elasticity as a wooden floor. The glass is also dulled to diminish any player reflections, which could prove distracting.

There are other possibilities for the flooring, such as being able to mark where a ball hits (to see if it's in bounds). New sports could even be created in which boundaries change.

Check out a promo video for the flooring below.

Via Digital Trends

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