Researchers create glasses to thwart facial recognition software

While most of us probably aren't that worried about the rise of facial recognition in everything from security cameras to Facebook, Isao Echizen and Seiichi Goshi decided to put an end to it. At least, the two men decided to create a pair of glasses that will thwart any facial recognition attempts.

The two men, professors at Tokyo's National Institute of Informatics and Kogakuin University, respectively, have created a pair of glasses that emits near-infrared light, which blocks facial recognition in cameras.

Now, most folks probably aren't going to want to walk around wearing these things. They're simply lab goggles that have small circular lights attached, which are only visible to cameras. And they're powered by a battery in your pocket, which is attached via a wire. Not exactly Ray Bans.

At the moment, the men are working on improving the glasses (and to make them more fashionable). They predict the final product will be around $1 a unit.

Via Slate

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