DARPA wants to create upward falling robots to hide on seafloors

Here's an idea: Instead of stocking up on water and bread days before a big storm, why not have supplies already waiting for when you need them? That's the idea behind DARPA's Upward Falling Payloads (UFP) program, which would plant supplies on seafloors for later usage.

The idea's pretty simple: store whatever the military needs on the bottom of the sea. When time comes to need it, the military would hit a button remotely, and it'll float up to the surface. Items can be anything from unmanned aircraft that would rise up and take off or submarine ships. Really the what isn't the difficult part. The how is.

DARPA is currently seeking proposals on how to address long-term survivability and deep underwater communications. This stuff isn't exactly easy. It also needs to figure out what would constitute the "risers," the vehicles that would contain whatever was stored down there.

Most importantly, DARPA wants items it can lose without too much of an impact, since retrieving the unused systems would be difficult.

Via Popular Science

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