Next-gen Kinect sensor shrinks down to fit tablets

PrimeSense, the company behind the Kinect have finally shrunken its 3D depth camera tech to fit into tablets, according to IEEE. The next-gen 3D sensor is called "Capri" and is 10 times smaller than its predecessor. Who's ready to slash fruit without smudging up their iPad?

For the most part, Capri is nearly as accurate as PrimeSense's current-gen 3D cameras. Capri has a range of 2.6 to 11.5 feet and the camera still has a 640 x 480 resolution. The only difference is it's no longer an RGB camera, which means it can't see color — only black and white. No big deal; for common gesture tracking, IEEE says RGB isn't needed, anyway.

Of course, since Capri doesn't have an RGB camera, IEEE says it's next to useless for robotics because it won't be able to track multiple objects as accurately.

One day PrimeSense hopes the sensors will be small enough to fit in everything. And they do mean, everything, from robot vacuums, to digital window displays, to laptops, to car dashboards. For a look into a future filled with 3D depth cameras, take a look at PrimeSense's "World of 3D Sensing" video below.


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