Kickstart this: What worked in 2012 crowdfunding

Kickstarter has helped a lot of people make a lot of things, and money. The Economist has put together a chart detailing the success rate, total money raised and the average pledge. The catalog of the crowdfunding site's successes provides some insight into what exactly folks are willing to pay for.

In 2012, no type of projects raised more money than games (video and otherwise). In fact, games as a whole raised more than $80 million in crowdsourced dollars. It would follow then, that games would have a great success rate, but they don't. Games have a success rate of just over 30%. Consider also that the average pledge for a game is about $60 — the average price for a brand-spanking-new game.

The inverse holds true for dance, the category with the smallest amount of total money raised. Presumably by catering to a niche market (average pledge of $70+), dance related Kickstarters enjoyed a success rate near 80%.

And what of our precious technology category? Well, it has the highest average pledge. That's not terribly surprising since the projects may involve long development cycles and a manufacturing partner. The tech category's total money raised and success rate is much more middle of the pack, though, which is perhaps a sign that, just as in the traditional funding market, the cream rises to the top.

Via The Economist

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