NYPD baiting pill bottles with GPS tags to track stolen painkillers

The New York Police Department is renowned for using technology to stay one step ahead of possible terrorists targeting the city's numerous historic public spaces. But now a new initiative will reportedly use GPS technology to track down the city's prescription drug thieves.

According to a report in the New York Times, the NYPD will launch a program called "Operation Safety Cap" that will place GPS trackers inside special "bait bottles" of the painkiller known as oxycodone. The special GPS-enabled dummy bottles will be located at various pharmacies around the city in a bid to track down and capture thieves who rob local pharmacies. The program, which was announced by New York City Police Chief Raymond Kelly earlier this week, will allow detectives to track the bottles once they are lifted from their bases at up to 1,800 local pharmacies.

Although GPS trackers have become a common method for keeping tabs on wayward pets and lost children, this is one of the most high profile implementations related to illicit prescription drug use. The program is the department's somewhat unorthodox response to a rash of recent violent robberies involving the popular painkiller. Drug maker Purdue Pharma reportedly developed the special bottles as part of its national efforts to curb abuse of prescription drugs.

Via NYTimes

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