Fastest baby carriage in the world tops out at 53 mph

We've seen our fair share of impressive baby carriages around these parts of the Internet. How can anyone forget the Podracer stroller or fire-shooting Cadillac carriage? New dad Colin Furze decided his baby's wheels needed more speed: motorbike engine speed.

If the name Colin Furze rings a bell, then you've got a good memory. In 2010, Furze built the world's fastest mobility scooter and in 2011 created the world's longest motorcycle, earning him Guinness World Records. Apparently hooked on breaking new world records, Furze set out to build the world's fastest baby carriage after his girlfriend, Charlotte, became pregnant.

His creation: the "Mad Max Stroller" — a carriage with a 125-cubic-centimeter motorbike engine that cost $750 in parts and took four weeks to build.

Make no mistake, Furze isn't stupid enough to actually put his child in the Mad Max Stroller and speed around town at 53 miles per hour. Although he does have a doll wrapped up in a blanket to fool people, the baby carriage is purely for show and another notch for his collection of Guinness World Records. Furze even admits that the handlebar accelerator, brakes and ruggedized wheels from an old mobility scooter are a little unstable for daily commuting.

For a full breakdown of the Mad Max Stroller, head over to PopSci's quick tour. It may just be our new favorite high-tech stroller, even topping that clever high-tech Origami carriage.

Via PopSci

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