Destroy All iPhones: Cops use bulldozer to crush a mountain of fakes

Apple's stock price is plummeting, so why not add insult to injury by giving iPhone haters a little destruction porn that outdoes those famous "Will It Blend?" videos by a mile, courtesy of the Russian police.

A video has surfaced that shows Russian authorities crushing a mountain of very authentic looking iPhone 4 and 4S devices with a bulldozer after they nabbed a Chinese man attempting to bring the handsets into the country. According to the report, the man claimed the devices were real, but didn't have documentation to prove their authenticity. The 127 allegedly fake devices represented a potential value of roughly $36,500 on the streets of Russia. But, if the details of the report are to be believed, and the phones are indeed fake, this won't deter future counterfeiters because the Chinese bootlegger was reportedly only fined $65 for the infraction.

Of course, there's always the possibility that these are actually real iPhones being destroyed, but we know the warm and fuzzy Russians would never do such a thing, especially since they love Steve Jobs so much, right? After the devices were crushed, authorities burned the remaining debris at the demolition site.

You can see the brutal iPhone destruction in the video below.

Via Kotaku and EnglishRussia

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