Leap Motion announces exclusive distribution deal with Best Buy

Last year, when we told you about the Leap Motion gesture control device, it might have seemed like it was yet another cool piece of tech we won't be able to buy for another five years. But a new partnership with a major tech retailer has revealed that Leap Motion is very real and coming to stores soon.

Today, Leap Motion announced a partnership with Best Buy that will allow the company to place its device in all U.S. Best Buy stores this spring. Previously, the Leap Motion was only available via the company's website. Commenting on the development, Leap Motion president Andy Miller said, "Finding a major retail partner for our North American launch was a critical component to our strategy... Best Buy's market leadership and extensive store distribution network, combined with the product floor space and dedicated marketing promotional plans, represents an incredible opportunity to bring the Leap Motion controller to a massive consumer audience."

Earlier this month Leap Motion also announced a partnership with computer maker Asus that will allow the company to bundle the $69.99 device with select Asus PCs and laptops later this year. If you're still unfamiliar with the Leap Motion, you can check out a brief demonstration in the video below.

Via Leap Motion

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