Helicopter crashes and explodes by London's MI6 headquarters

If the car crashes and explosions in James Bond movies ever really happened, they'd likely be explained away on the BBC in polite British English as mere accidents. Well, strap on your tin foil hats because a helicopter just crashed in central London near the headquarters of the British spy agency MI6.

Details regarding the exact cause of the crash, which was reported around 8 a.m. during London's rush hour, are still sketchy, but we do know that the helicopter flew into a crane atop a building called The Tower, causing the aircraft to fall from the air and explode in flames. About 90 firefighters were called to the scene of the crash to contain the fire located in a densely packed part of the city near the famous river Thames. Tragically, two people, the pilot and a pedestrian on the ground, died in the crash and nine others were injured. Several newscasters observed that had the aircraft fallen just a few feet in either direction the casualties might have been much worse.

Police officials have ruled out terrorism as the cause of the accident, but the Telegraph quoted at least one local who wondered aloud about the fact that the crash occurred so close to the MI6 office, and even mentioned the recent Bond movie Skyfall in which a terrorist launches an attack on an MI6 office in central London.

You can see footage of the aftermath of the crash in the videos below.

Via Telegraph and BBC

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