Gallery: Long-exposure photos of Shanghai

Japanese artist Sasaki Makoto is a master of long-exposure photography. This particular series is called Shanghai Layers, and it encapsulates all of the frenzied beauty of urban life.

This project was no small undertaking, as Makoto explains:

My aim is to get to feel the city's personality from the brilliance and color of the light of the time stacked in the city of Shanghai. I hope that we get a feel of the fact that we are living in passage of time and also that individual life, city and society are formed by accumulation of time from an unusual viewpoint.

What Makoto created is an incredible, futuristic cityscape that pays homage to frenetic Shanghai and its roughly 23 million residents. Click through the gallery of gorgeous highrise buildings to see this city from a unique perspective and visit Sasaki Makoto's website to see a similar long exposure series from Japan, called Tokyo Layers.

Sasaki Makoto, via My Modern Met

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