University installs MacBook vending machine

Some of the best vending machines are the ones that deliver something fun and unexpected. But one new kind of vending machine dispenses a lot more than fun and actually gives you access to one of the most valuable tools on the planet: a laptop.

Drexel University recently installed a specially designed kiosk in its library that allows students to borrow MacBooks for free for five hours, charging just $5 for every hour of overtime. The kiosk, dubbed Laptop Access 24/7, holds 12 15-inch MacBooks that can be accessed at anytime, day or night using a simple school ID to check out a laptop via the kiosk's touchscreen controls. The system was developed by a company called LaptopsAnytime, which designs a number of vending solutions for PC laptops and netbooks.

Although there are other libraries around the country using the LaptopsAnytime system, Drexel's MacBook vending machine was custom designed for the university. The school's administrators are currently considering working with the company to offer a similar system that would deliver iPads to students.

You can see a PC laptop demonstration of the system in the video below.

Via Drexel University

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