Audio-equipped casket has a music playlist to die for

There are plenty of fancy caskets you can buy for the afterlife, but most don't do much to keep you entertained. Not so with the $31,000 CataCombo Sound System casket from a Swedish company called Pause, which is guaranteed to keep you up to date with the latest tunes after your passing.

Adding an audio system for eternal music seems like an obvious add-on for any music lover's casket, but the CataCombo Sound System goes further. A pair of two-way speakers with an eight-inch subwoofer deliver the sound, while a music server built into the grave marker provides a playlist with an LCD display that shows mourners what's playing six feet under. The server connects via a 4G link to a website, where friends and family can make additions via Spotify to keep your playlist bang up to date for all of eternity. This means that you won't be stuck listening to whatever seemed cool at the time of your death. For example, if you died tomorrow would you want to be listening to One Direction for the rest of time?

The biggest catch is likely to be the coffin's $31,000 price tag. Hey, I know that audio gear can get crazy expensive, but for that kind of money I would expect my favorite band to appear live, even if their set list doesn't last an eternity.

Check out the video to learn more about the CataCombo Sound System casket.

CataCombo Sound System, via Daily Telegraph

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