Ultimate arcade cabinet has the chops to play 50,000 games

What else can you say but a thousand times yes to an incredible arcade set-up like this? Custom-built for four players and with just about every bit of gamer fruit you could want inside and out, it's listed on eBay for $19,995.

Sure, it's a hefty price, but should you decide your kids don't really need that college fund, you'd be getting an extraordinary gaming system built by Jack Thompson and the team at ArcadesRFun.

So what sets this boss system apart from other cabinets? Let's start with the 55-inch Samsung LED/LCD Smart TV and the 37-inch LG marquee display at the top that showcases images during gameplay.

It's got controllers galore to go with those 50,000 games. There are the RGB LED ball top joysticks, RGB LED buttons and trackball, plus dual spinner controls and steering wheels. Don't stop there — add a few custom controls as well such as a flight stick, dual light guns and a push-pull spinner.

You'll have plenty of platforms to choose from with MAME and MESS software emulators and PS3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 with Kinect packed in. You can even play console games by using wireless Xbox gamepads.

The Hyperion UI lets you easily switch between any game.

With all these controllers and systems at your command there can be no surprises that inside you are going to see some powerful stuff. Here's the scoop: it's powered by a Dell Alienware Aurora R4 PC w/i7 3.9GHZ six core CPU (overclocked to 4.1GHz), with 16GB RAM, 2 — 2TB hard drives and a 3GB AMD Radeon 7950 Video card.

You'll also get a Blu-ray player and audio from a 232-Watt Corsair Gaming Series PC speaker and subwoofer,

This piece of gaming glory was inspired by the custom project built for Monolith Games/HD FILMS founder/IGN host Jace Hall who wanted one system that could "play every known game ever made."

Should you decide to drop the $19,995 for this you will be getting a "slightly" scaled down version of Hall's if you can believe that. With 50,000 games to choose from though you are likely to soon forget that…and everything else around you.

Click below for the eBay listing of the model that could be yours, and here's the video for the inspiration behind it all — Jace Hall's model in action.

Ultimate Video Arcade Game/eBay, via Technabob

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