New York designer makes cloaking fashionable

Adam Harvey, a New York designer and artist who last graced the pages of DVICE for making an anti-paparazzi device, will launch an entire line of cloaking clothing next week in London. Called "Stealth Wear," it's a reaction to the numerous ways we can be electronically tracked in our daily lives.

The collection includes many items like the "anti-drone hoodie," which uses a metalized material that will make it impossible for drones to use thermal imaging to spot you.

It also includes a cell phone pouch that blocks your phone signal so it can't be tracked by other devices that might be used by law enforcement agencies. It even includes the "XX-Shirt," which has material that will "protect your heart from X-ray radiation."

"Military technology is coming home from the war," Harvey says. "These pieces are designed to live with it, to cope with it--to live in a world where surveillance is happening all the time."

The clothing line, of course, seems to be more statement than anything. Though, if it works as it supposedly does, I'd love to see the face of an NSA agent if someone walked through security with an anti-X-ray t-shirt on.

Via Slate

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