San Antonio announces first bookless library

Judge Nelson Wolff loves books, and he plans to make a new countywide library system in Bexar County in San Antonio. It's a little different than most libraries though. Making it like no library system you've ever seen, this one will be completely bookless.

The library system will be called BiblioTech, and Wolff compares it to an Apple store.

"It's not a replacement for the [city] library system, it's an enhancement," Wolff said. "People are always going to want books, but we won't be doing that in ours."

Instead, users can check out e-readers for home use or read books electronically at the location. In addition, there will obviously be many other library mainstays such as computers and other technology. But not one book will be found.

Though libraries offering e-books isn't a new idea, having a library without any traditional paper books is. If this location proves successful, Wolff plans to expand it throughout the county.

The idea behind it is to create more digital readers in a lower income area that might not generally exposed to it, but the question remains whether or not this will have much appeal. Not to mention the fact, which even Wolff admits to, that many of the e-readers could easily be stolen, which would cost the libraries far more than losing a few books here and again.

Whether this is a passing fad or a new trend remains to be seen. Either way, it's an interesting (if not disappointing to bibliophiles) experiment.

Via San Antonio Express

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