Now Samsung's the one cancelling Windows RT tablets

Remember last year, when Microsoft announced its tablet the Surface, which would come in two versions: a chunky one that ran Windows 8 and a slimmer, sleeker one that ran Windows RT? Then remember how Hewlett-Packard scrapped the one running on the operating system Windows RT? Well, Samsung just did the exact same thing.

Well, maybe not exact same thing, but the company also decided to scrap all Windows RT devices in the United States. This would include the 10.1-inch slate also known as the ATIV tab.

As it turns out, no one really wants them. Mike Abary, Samsung USA's senior vice president of its PC and tablet businesses, told CNET that there simply wasn't much demand for Windows RT. And, paraphrasing here, it'd be more trouble than it was worth to convince American consumers that Windows RT came with some advantages.

This, obviously, isn't going to help Microsoft break further into the mobile market, something it has been wanting to do for some time. Samsung's a leader in the mobile business, and Windows RT needs the company to really get off the ground.


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