Concept: Germ-inator knows where you missed a spot

Hospitals now have hand sanitizing stations set up all over the place for the medical staff and visitors. It's a fast, easy way to decrease the spread of infections. But, what if there was an even more efficient way to prevent bacteria from passing to others? Watch out germs!

Designer Diacre Nicolas has devised a system that's supposed to do just that. Just put your hands over the product and a hydro-alcoholic solution and plastic micro-ball solution are activated and mist onto your hands, rendering germs utterly and completely powerless. After the duel solutions are released, you can place your hands under the unit — and this is where it gets interesting. A UV DEL light will cause your hands to glow in areas where harmful bacteria still exist.

While this design seems like it would be more costly than regular old hand sanitizer, it could be worthwhile when you really need to be diligent about cleanliness.

Via Yanko Design

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