Saddle Lock uses the seat to keep your bike secure

Biking can be a great way to get around town, but sometimes it's a challenge finding safe parking spots. And since biking is growing in popularity, thefts are on the rise. Fortunately, designers Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho and Yeo Min Gu have come up with a clever concept that might just change that statistic for the better.

It's a bike lock that's actually built into the bike. Kind of genius, really — I can't count how many times I've cycled somewhere only to realize that I left my lock at home. Lots of times. Also, some of those sturdier locks are cumbersome and a bit of a pain to use. And, it sounds like thieves pretty much know how to pick them anyway — or at least how to hack them off.

Enter Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho and Yeo Min Gu. Their 'Saddle Lock' was a 2012 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner. Here's how it works:


My bike got stolen! Been there, done that; so the focus has to be on how do we stop these bicycle thieves from getting creative at picking locks? Simple, let's make it a foolproof locking system. Which is why the Saddle Lock looks to be a superb solution. You can quickly lock the bike by pushing back the seat into the locking position and make a quick stop to get your coffee.


Saddle Lock provides a way to quickly lock the rear wheel without the need for additional locking accessories. The seat post swings down around the main frame when a button is pushed. The saddle features a cut-away shape that allows it to sit over the rear wheel. A combination lock allows the release of a special alloy rotating lock that extends from one end of the saddle to the other, securing its connection to the wheel.


Click through the gallery to see this sleek concept up close. We love the design, but what's stopping someone from just picking up the bike and walking off with it?

Via Yanko Design

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