Cubify can now replicate you as a 3D-printed Star Trek character

One of the most popular fictional technologies in Star Trek is the replicator, a device that can fabricate nearly anything — from food to complex tools — seemingly out of thin air. Although we're not quite there in real life, a top 3D printing company has teamed up with the science fiction franchise to offer the next best thing.

Cubify has announced a partnership with the Star Trek franchise to offer 3D-printed Star Trek figurines that you can put your face on. Users will be able to simply send their photographs to Cubify and get back a personalized figurine as tall as seven inches and outfitted in the uniform of the original '60s television series.

In an interview with, Cubify vice president Scott Harmon said, "I think the fan community for Star Trek is a perfect match for our technology, and you could certainly make the argument that 3D printing was first envisioned from the idea of the replicator." Harmon also says that future versions of the figurines are planned that will allow users to create characters outfitted in the uniforms from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

So, when can we print ourselves out as Borg?

Via Cubify

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