Whirlpool shows off futuristic kitchen concepts for 2020

Whirlpool is generally not a brand that we associate with futuristic concepts. Heck, Whirlpool is generally not a brand that Whirlpool itself associates with futuristic concepts, as they readily admit. But at this year's CES, they're bucking this trend with a pair of displays showing their vision for the kitchen of 2020.

The first concept is called FirePlace, and it's based around the idea that on some primal level, gathering around fires with warmth and food fills us with feelings of happiness and friendliness and intimacy or whatever. But Whirlpool doesn't need to rationalize: this is legitimately cool. The central heating surface is surrounded by a cooling surface, to keep your drinks chilled while you cook. You adjust the temperature of each by twisting dishes and glasses. A fume hood keeps things from getting smoky, while mood lighting puts you in the mood for something. Cooking, I guess?

Here's the video:

The second concept is called Fresh Connect. It's a fridge, except it's decentralized and modular. Each capsule keeps food at the perfect temperature, and they're all attached to a central cooling system integrated into your home. You can freeze stuff, as well as cool vegetables and meats separately with different humidities, and even provide the ideal environment for growing your own herbs. You know, if you're in to that sort of thing.

And that video:

Our fantasy for the kitchen of the future mostly involves one button that you can press that will have the take-out of your choice teleported directly onto your plate, but that's not nearly as pretty as what Whirlpool has imagined, and we have a bunch more pics of those imaginings in the gallery below.

Via Whirlpool

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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