Tractive demos GPS pet tracker for dogs, cats, farm animals

Pet parents dote on their precious darlings as much as helicopter parents for real children, and there are plenty of high-tech accessories for their cuddly companions. Capitalizing on this, Austrian-based Tractive debuted its GPS pet tracker at CES, giving humans ease of mind with real-time location updates.

In the pet-tracking world (yes, that's a thing), Qualcomm's Tagg has dominated the scene, but there are a few limitations to the hardware. For one, it's huge, making it suitable only for medium- and large-sized dogs. Furthermore, its location tracking doesn't show the route of where your dog has been, instead only certain points when the hardware pings the Web dashboard about every 10 minutes.

Tractive attempts to solve this with a low-profile design that's suitable even for cats and smaller dogs. The company notes it has also tested the device on farm animals, including horses, cows, sheep and donkeys. In addition, Tractive uses a SIM card so the hardware and app can seamlessly talk to each other. The main drawback, of course, is that there's an additional monthly cost of 4.99 euros, or about $6.50.

Tractive is set to debut in Europe and the U.S. in February. Initially, it will have apps for iOS, but Android compatibility is slated to arrive in March.

Via Tractive

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All photos, video by Alice Truong for DVICE.

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