Rumored 'iPhone mini' reportedly already has a price tag

Just days ago, the Wall Street Journal cited sources claiming that Apple is developing a lower-end version of the iPhone with a cheaper price tag. Now a new report has emerged that claims to know exactly what that price will be.

Today, Bloomberg reports that the rumored lower-end iPhone will retail for no more than $149, and could go as low as $99, according to information from "a person familiar with the plans" in contact with the news outlet. The report also claims that Apple has been working on the lower-end phone since February of 2011 and has held talks with one of the top U.S. carriers regarding the more affordable device.

If true, the strategy would seem to be a departure from the late Steve Jobs' practice of putting a premium on Apple's flagship products, even at the expense of losing market share to competitors with similar, more affordable alternatives. It may also explain at least part of Tim Cook's recent well-publicized trip to China, which may in fact be preparation for the rollout of the new category of iPhone.

According to report, the new iPhone may debut in the latter half of 2013, at the earliest. Whether it's only "mini" in price or in form, too, remains to be seen.

Via Bloomberg

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