Robotic Spider Dress mixes insectoid creepiness with high fashion

Depending on whether or not you have arachnophobia, robot spiders can be viewed as incredible displays of insectoid mechanics, or chilling metallic avatars embodying your worst fears. Either way, only a truly twisted mind could come up with something that appears to merge man and machine like this — the Robotic Spider Dress.

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht collaborated with Austrian software developer Daniel Schatzmayr to create the Robotic Spider Dress, a garment featuring arachnoid legs that respond to nearby movement. Schatzmayr's obsession with hacking hexapods, along with Wipprecht's established ability to craft fashions that defy convention resulted in this nightmarish hybrid reminiscent of the Borg Queen's unsettling robot spine host body. As a Halloween costume, the Robotic Spider Dress would win every time, but as a piece of fashion, it might actually be an early look at practical robotics-enhanced garments.

The Robotic Spider Dress was recently demonstrated at the Café Neu Romance robot festival in Prague, and you can see the dress in all its creepy glory in the video below.

Anouk Wipprecht, via FashioningTech

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