LED ice cubes glow when you've had enough

Unfortunately, college is a time when some of us engage in drinking alcohol as if it's a sport, which can have some dire consequences for even the sturdiest imbiber. One MIT student who recently experienced his own alcohol-induced health scare decided to apply his considerable wits to the problem via technology.

Dhairya Dand's alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes (which are not made of water) not only indicate how many drinks you've had using LED color codes, but also blink in response to ambient sounds, making the cubes a cool conversation piece for your fellow drinkers. And, once a certain drink limit has been reached, if the drinker continues to drink a text message is automatically sent to the drinker's friends asking for assistance.

Dand, a member of the famed MIT Media Lab, doesn't go into great detail as to how the cubes work on a technical level, but does offer some explanation, saying via his blog, "The accelerometer is used to measure sips, assuming that you would be sipping in more if the drink is not strong and sipping less if it is. Hence, total number of sips, irrespective of drink and number of drinks, gives a gross estimation of amount of alcohol consumed. That with the time, gives the rate of consumption..."

Of course, some may say that simple self-control might be more advisable for anyone with such a drinking problem, but the solution is nevertheless an ingenious way to monitor one's alcohol intake, especially during holidays and in environments where binge drinking is common. You can see the alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes in action in the video below.

Via HackaDay

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