Icebreaker-inspired motorcycle comes with a seaworthy sidecar

Ural Motorcycles decided to design a limited edition bike that's mighty like an icebreaker. That's a pretty tall order since icebreakers, you know, travel through icy conditions where most ships would get seriously damaged.

One ship in particular, called the Yamal (which translates to "the end of the world"), is decked out with a set of badass teeth. That, along with Russia's Yamal Peninsula (where winter temperatures average around -58 degrees F), served as the main inspiraiton for the Ural Yamal limited edition sidecar motorcycle.

Only 50 of these special bikes were made for sale in the United States and they cost $14,250. Aside from the menacing teeth decal and orange color, what separates this limited edition Ural from their other models? Well, it has a boat-like hull double-coated with a weather-proofing material by 3M for a little extra protection from the elements. It has additional lighting — that's two fog lights situated on the sidecar bumper, a spare tire, two wheel drive and hand guards.

It also comes with an oar, perhaps for when you get really lost and need a little extra something to ward off polar bears. Don't miss the gallery of this gorgeous tribute to icebreakers below.

Ural Motorcycles, via Wired

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