Greek designer introduces modular urban productivity station

Greece has had an especially rough go of it lately. Greek headlines concerning financial collapse, natural disasters, austerity and civil unrest are all too common. What is one little country to do? Well, one Greek architecture lab thinks they've hit on a solution. Introducing Aktina, the urban productivity hotspot.

Powered by solar cells, Aktina has charging stations for laptops, electric bicycles and whatever else you might be carting around. Each Aktina station also functions as a Wi-Fi hub and is comprised primarily of modular building blocks.

Now, we've seen a good number of solar charging stations before, so that part of the design isn't really anything new. Wi-Fi is cool, as it allows you to grab a seat and look at cat pictures while you wait for your electric bike to charge. But the truly interesting part of this power station's design is how modular it is designed to be. Suggestions for how to configure your local Aktina range from office to bar to herb garden.

Aktina has already survived a one-unit beta launch during last year's Aeschylus Festival. It was a new concept for the people who visited the unit's locale, the little industrial town of Elefsina. But as you can see, they got into the swing of things right quick. And perhaps a sustainable, off-grid power-and-Wi-Fi station is just what the austerity-beleaguered people of Greece need. Heck, I kinda want one for my home town.
City Index Lab, via Designboom

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