Good Night Lamp brings distant loved ones closer

Currently funding on Kickstarter, Good Night Lamp is a cute little invention that sends a bit of you to your loved ones, no matter where they are. Each Good Night Lamp is actually a system of at least two connected house-shaped lights. Every time the larger light turns on or off, the little one does, too.

Good Night Lamp works via Wi-Fi, storing and remembering your home network after a brief initial setup. Once each light is set up, simply touching the large on will activate the small one(s), too. Oh yeah, and the system is set up to accept multiple little lamps per big guy. So, say you want to let your spouse at home, your kid in college and your world-traveling sibling based out of Hong Kong know when you get off work. Just keep the big lamp at your desk and ship each of them the little guys. When you leave the office and turn out your light, theirs will do the same.

This way of communicating conjures up something akin to the magic clock that the Weasleys had on their wall in the Harry Potter series. As in the book series, these lamps actually let you glance at the wall and see where someone might or might not be. Sure, there's no arm that swings up to "mortal peril" if you've stayed out past curfew, but maybe that's for the best.

The Good Night Lamp team like to view this kind of connectivity as what they term a "physical social network". Maybe we should make that "the social network of things"? After all, what's an Internet without its status updates?

See more of Good Night Lamp in the video and gallery below.

Good Night Lamp via Kickstarter

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