Good luck trying to move this monstrous 450-pound stereo amp

The Boulder electronics company of Colorado makes some of the most drool-worthy audio electronics known to man, so naturally its owners must worry about burglars. For Boulder's new $115,000 flagship 3060 amp, it took a unique approach to theft prevention by making it weigh more than a couple of NFL linebackers.

The 450-pound beast can crank out 900 watts per channel, which should be plenty to get even the craziest speakers boogieing around the room. Of course, to get that much power a simple lowly 120V wall socket won't cut it, so the 3060 needs a 240V outlet like you have for your electric stove or clothes dryer.

Usually when high-end amps get this big, they split them into two mono amps to keep the size and weight more manageable. I'm not sure what the thinking was behind making the 3060 a stereo chassis, but it sure does make it hard to hump it into your getaway car. Even if you do get going, all the cops will need to is to look for the car with its rear bumper dragging on the road.

If the 3060 sounds a little too crazy for you, Boulder does make other more reasonable amps, starting with the 150-watt 860 at just $9,000. Hey that's 1/6th of the 3060's power for less than 1/12th of the price — a bargain! And at only 45 pounds, it's practically a portable you could use to go along with your iPod.

Via Boulder

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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