20 photos inspired by Tokyo's 'Levitating Girl,' Natsumi Hayashi

Photographers Jeff Cheong and Jayden Tan took their cue from Natsumi Hayashi and her 'Levitating Girl' self portraits and decided to snap some of their own wonderfully surreal, gravity-defying images. They wandered tirelessly around their native Singapore to experiment with Hayashi's unique style and used it to encompass the spirit of their home country. The resulting photographs depict everyday occurrences on streets, in grocery stores and other "regular" places, but with a very fanciful twist.

Much like Hayashi, Cheong and Tan didn't rely on cables or other tricks to "levitate." In an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Hayashi said that, "The only way to get a right timing for a shot is jumping a lot." And that's exactly how Cheong and Tan achieved each shot as well. Lots and lots of jumping around in public places.

Here's what they have to say about their project:


"After seeing all levitating shots in the world especially by Yowayowa the levitating girl from Japan, we decided to document one here in our hometown.


We take this levitating photography seriously. It's all done without any cables, it's all sweat and passion. No photoshop no touch ups. We only colour correct the photo to create a certain mood okies :-)"


Enjoy the whimsical levitating photographs in the gallery and check out Levitation SG on Facebook for more information about this cute levitating duo, whose tagline is "Levitating around Singapore."

Levitation SG on Tumblr, via My Modern Met

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