App replaces keyboard with touchscreen circles, blows the mind

Time to retrain our brains people. Just as touch-typing has become something of a sport, with lightning fast texting and constant keyboard contact, a new app is looking to change the paradigm. The Slice Keyboard app is a new on-screen rotary board that redefines typing by creating new finger movements.

The idea is the typer will always have certain fingers on the touchscreen of their device. Depending on which circle the users' fingers are on, a rotary wheel appears with certain characters that allow the user to quickly access via simple taps.

It's still a form of touch-typing but one that, in theory, does away with the QWERTY hunt-and-peck style and could increase productivity since your fingers are never far from the characters.

Since many people now have their fingers constantly on the touchscreens of their devices anyway, it may not be such a huge leap for some to adopt this new circular app. For those who will look at this similar to having to learn how to take over the bridge of the Enterprise without having been through Starfleet Academy, the app wisely provides a how-to lesson.

Plus, to make the learning process less painful, they have created a version of Space invaders to help you practice finding the characters with ease.

That's not a bad strategy to get people like me going since touch-typing and I have been friends for a long time. While it's likely some of us will seriously have to rethink how we do things, learning a circular keyboard format could be great training now for a future where keyboards, joysticks and other heads-up displays have all merged together.

The Slice Keyboard app works on 7-inch or larger devices; a demo is available for free download in the Google Play Store. The app itself costs &4.99

Google Play Store, via Engadget. Trendhunter

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