Man creates a beak-controlled, robotic scooter for his pet bird

We love our pets, and most of the time, they love us back. But what happens when your pet parrot gets bored and begins to drone on for hours with mindless, attention-seeking squawks? Why, you build the feathered nuisance its own robotic scooter to keep it busy, of course.

Created by University of Florida engineering student Andrew Grey, the BirdBuggy allows a bird to control the motion of the vehicle using just its beak. The vehicle can be directed to move forwards, backwards, and in a turning motion with just a light tug on its tiny joystick-style steering mechanism. And best of all, when the bird is done motoring around the house and decides to return to its perch, the BirdBuggy goes into autonomous mode and returns to its docking station to recharge.

So yes, there now exists a bird that can talk and drive itself around. No more excuses for slacking, humans. You can see the BirdBuggy in action in the video below.

Via Jalopnik

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