Scientists grow coconut-flavored pineapples for piña coladas

Get excited piña colada fans: did you know that there's a whole team of scientists working to perfect the signature flavors in this mixed drink? Sure, some researchers are working on cures for cancer or whatever, but these folks get to mess around with pineapples that taste like coconuts all day long.

Yep, these Australian researchers have been working on a coconut-flavored pineapple at a facility in Queensland for a decade now. This revolutionary fruit blend is in the final stages of development and is known as the AusFestival pineapple. The juicy pineapple with unique coconut flavors was initially discovered by accident, and horticulturalist Garth Senewski describes his creation to the Australian Broadcast Corporation like this:

"When we're doing the breeding, we're not actually looking for a coconut-flavoured pineapple or any other particular flavour. We're looking for a nice flavoured pineapple. We're looking for a variety that is sweet, low acid and aromatic."

What they ended up with, however, is a pineapple that "has this lovely coconut flavor, which you won't find in any other pineapple in Australia." Or anywhere else that we know of.

Sadly, the AusFestival pineapple won't be commercially planted for a couple years still. In the meantime, grab some pineapple juice, coconut cream, and rum, mix it all together, and enjoy the tasty combo. Take that, winter!

Via Daily Mail

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