ISS time-lapse mashup is like a love letter from outer space

Thanks to the photographers and cameras on the International Space Station there's no shortage of amazing space imagery, most of which is easily accessible online. One film student from Italy decided to take some of that footage and create a time-lapse masterpiece.

Cut together by Giacomo Sardelli, "Further Up Yonder" uses images from NASA's Johnson Space Center collections to create a high-speed trip around the planet Earth that's an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of atmospheric colors, Earth topography, and star-riddled space imagery. Sardelli also uses real audio from astronauts who have served aboard the ISS over the last 11 years. The addition of the audio messages makes this short video seem as though it could have been a delivered directly from the astronauts themselves.

You can check out Sardelli's nearly two and half minute opus to the ISS in the video below, with a version available for download in even more stunning 2k resolution here.

Via Discover

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